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When THB first came out, there were several bugs that needed fixing. In addition, the "Adult mode" (which added blood and death animations) was only available to German users via a patch. Here we provide patches and their readmes.

Version 1.10E Adult Mode Patch

The recommended version, bringing the German version from 1.0 to 1.10E. This is the most recent version of the game where you can see the awesome intro video and yet still have bugfixes, mouse support, etc. It also includes the special "Adult Mode", meaning it patches the German version so that the enemies have their awesome death animations! The only other way to see this is to play the international version, but you'll lose the intro video.

Since this patch came out close to Christmas 1994, it includes an ad and several screenshots for Christmas Carnage (see below).

Download Patch 1.10E
English Patch Notes | German Patch Notes

Version 1.20F Patch

The final patch released, bringing the German version from 1.00 to 1.20F. Adds mouse support, fixes a lot of bugs, etc. One strange thing is that it removes the great intro video (why? Who knows?). For this reason I recommend playing with the earlier 1.10E patch.

Download Patch 1.20F
English Patch Notes | German Patch Notes

Version 1.10A Adult Mode Patch

One of the first patches released for the game, brings the German version from 1.0 to 1.10A and enables the death animations. I would recommend Patch 1.10E instead since it includes some additional improvements, but I'm including this here for historical completeness. One interesting thing here is that the notes for this patch include the developer's reflections on the reviews (they were quite unhappy as you can imagine).

Download Patch 1.10A
English Patch Notes | German Patch Notes

Note: Huge thanks to Johnney Greever for supplying the adult mode patches!!